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Access Learning

Access Learning

July 1, 2015
June 30, 2019

Access Learning is a Canadian web-based video streaming service with access to over 4800 complete videos and more than 40,000 video clips. The resource is designed to be a simple and intuitive solution to access streaming videos that requires no or minimal training. It provides access to a wide range of K-12 educational video content.

What Products are Available?

Distribution Access is making the Access Learning video streaming service available in three different configurations at discounted prices for ERAC members.

  • full K-12 Database with more than 4800 titles and 40,000 clips
  • K-7 Database with approximately 1800 titles and 12000 video clips
  • Grade 8-12 Database with approx. 4000 titles and 25000 clips

Access Learning also continues to offer Jobs People Do, either as a stand-alone product or bundled with, For information on Jobs People Do, including pricing, click here.

Top Access Learning titles/series include:

Bill Nye the Science Guy
The Eyes of Nye
Bill Nye Solving for X
Animal World
Imagineering Series
Let’s Talk Puberty
ABC News – Global Human Rights / Fundamentalism & Terrorism / The Women’s Rights Movement

Canada and WWI
Canada and WWII
Louis Riel
Life under Adolf Hitler
Life Cycles of the Butterfly

Daily Planet in the Classroom
Daily Planet Clip Library
Kids at Discovery
Science and the City

Branches on the Tree of Life
Visualizing Cell Processes
Inside the Living Cell

Canadian Geographic Kids
Canadian Geographic Presents – in French and English

For full product information, click here

RESOURCES AVAILABLE à la carte AS ADDITIONS TO THE CORE COLLECTION K-12 Database K-7 Database Gr. 8-12 Database (K-12) + bundle


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Product Overview

Where Can I Get More Information?

For additional product information or to place an order:

Brad Schroeder
VP Business Development
1-866-999-5292 x 5681

For further information about this agreement please contact ERAC at 604-713-5920 or by email at