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Trimble: SketchUp Pro

Trimble: SketchUp Pro

September 1, 2013
September 5, 2019

SketchUp Pro is a no-charge 3D Modelling software suite for K-12 students where they can create 3D models (from scratch or using existing data), import drawing, CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery and other information. The software is available when specific conditions are met as outlined in the criteria for licensing. Educator Licenses cannot be used for commercial (for-profit) work of any kind but can be installed on both Windows, Macintosh desktop, laptop and lab computers. SketchUp Pro license grant uses 3 different versions: SketchUp Pro 2015; SketchUp Pro 2016 and SketchUp Pro 2017. One code for each version of Mac and Windows machines, will work on both! Network Administrators can install on multiple computers by following the information provided under Deployment Support below. SketchUp Pro provides training videos for the novice up to and including the expert user.

The BC Ministry of Education’s license agreement for ERAC District members covers K-12 public educators and enrolled students only. Non-educator district staff, need to purchase their licenses directly from Trimble. Similarly, the independent schools must contact the vendor directly for subscriptions.

What Products are Available?

This license agreement is for the use of SketchUp Pro ONLY. The Ministry of Education does not endorse the use of any other application for use in the classroom.

Using SketchUp Pro, you can create 3D models (from scratch or using existing data), import drawings, CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery and other information. The modeling tools in SketchUp Pro can then be used to develop your ideas into 3D.

Additional Information

This K-12 Educational license agreement communicates a wide range of information to help District staff perform their due diligence to ensure BC Privacy concerns and licensing requirements are met.

Training/Presentations & Support Resources

Implementation and Deployment Information

Criteria for Licensing

Prior to receiving a license, ERAC Member Contacts must agree to the following to use this software:

  • Ensuring teachers and parents/guardians are aware of the privacy issues surrounding the use of SketchUp Pro, Google Gmail accounts and the 3D Warehouse outlined in the SketchUp Pro Application and Privacy Information document provided by the Ministry.
  • Administer and collect the signed Parent/Guardian SketchUp Pro Consent Form at each site and/or class prior to the distribution of the product license.

How to Acquire your Licenses

ERAC Contacts must sign in for details

Privacy Awareness Requirements


    • Distribute to schools and teachers, the Ministry of Education’s SketchUp Pro Application and Privacy Information document prior to using SketchUp Pro. This document addresses privacy issues surrounding the use of this product, awareness of Google Gmail account creation and the 3D Warehouse.
    • Obtain Parent/guardian Consent prior to the student using the application.
    • Distribute the BC Ministry of Education Privacy Awareness for Students document to the students participating in the class.
    • Inform the student they will store their files locally on the school’s server.
    • Delete all student drawings 1 year after completion of the class. Students can keep a copy of their work on their personal media storage device (Memory stick, DVD/CD, laptop, etc).


BC Ministry of Education Privacy Awareness for Students Document


Related Forms and Information Packages



Downloading and Installing


  • Your SketchUp Pro 2015 license is platform agnostic, which means no more having to worry about finding the right license code to authorize with on your Mac or Windows machines, the 2015 license code will work on both!
  • A Single license code is provided for use on all school computers within your province – and the same code can be used for individual teacher computers, school lab computers, or school laptops. That’s right, one license code for all scenarios.
  • Each time a license is applied to a computer, that computer is node-locked with one license seat from the total pool of license seats (we have provided your province with a license that has a very large number of seats).
  • Please message to all of your schools/districts that version 2015 can be downloaded from this link, and that any tech supports issues can be answered through our online Help Center.
  • Computer Tech Administrators: For placing the license information on multiple computers, so when each user starts SketchUp Pro it will be automatically authorized, this is your imaging workflow: Review the steps in this Knowledge Center article to see how to use the “activation_info.txt” file. Go to the section titled, Authorizing SketchUp on a Network as an Administrator.
  • Computers need to be connected to the public Internet when authorizing SketchUp Pro in order to download the license file. The license doesn’t require connectivity to the Internet after SketchUp Pro 2015 has been successfully authorized.
  • SketchUp Pro can be installed using the traditional installers (*.exe, *.dmg). For Microsoft Windows, we also offer an MSI.
  • Your 2015 license is good through June 30, 2017. Since we release a new version of SketchUp on a yearly release cycle now, you can expect a new code every year (but, your schools are welcomed to continue to use any previous version they installed as well).
  • Please refer your lab admins/educators to our SketchUp website and Knowledge Center for downloading, installing, and authorization instructions, training materials, getting started guides, video tutorials, and much more.
  • Please be sure to keep these codes within your School District Department of Education. They are not to be shared with schools of higher education, facilities personnel, or other government departments/officials/staff/parents.
  • Please do not post the license code on any publicly accessible site. Schools should request the license code via your internal communication systems/logins.
  • Grant Licenses cannot be used for commercial (for-profit) work of any kind.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. For educators with questions, it is best to send them to our Knowledge Center.
  • Please note: these licenses are provided free of charge by Trimble and you are NOT PERMITTED to charge any fee whatsoever to any school/district/educator receiving them.


Product Overview

SketchUp Pro is a simple but powerful tool for exploring and presenting your ideas in 3D. SketchUp is quick to learn, easy to teach and intuitive to use.

To read the complete product description of SketchUp Pro, visit online SketchUp for K-12 Education.

SketchUp is 3D for Everyone

Tutorials & Training

Contact Information

  • For information on your District implementation, contact your Member Contact

Where Can I Get More Information?

For further information about this agreement please contact ERAC at 604-713-5920 or by email at