Improving Access to Digital Resources for Students and Teachers
BC Digital Classroom Supports the New Curriculum

Wondering how and where you can access the BC Digital Classroom Collection in your own district?  There are several options. 1. ERAC provides direct access to the BC Digital Classroom resources through the Access page. Within a school site, any student and teacher can visit the Access page...(More...)

Curriculum Connections Provide Starting Points This website provides over 100 examples of starting points connecting curriculum to the BC Digital Classroom (BCDC) collection resources. The starting points highlight the Big Idea, Learning Standards, lesson topic, and a seed activity idea....(More...)

Made the Grade - April 2017
Annual Renewal of Microsoft EDesktop Agreement

  Pax Grades: 5-9 Supplier: Not Available Young Peter and Pax, his adopted pet fox, are inseparable—until his father enlists in the military. Peter must go and live with his grandfather, and his father insists that Peter give up Pax. Peter throws Pax’s favourite toy and while...(More...)

It’s Annual Renewal Time for the ERAC Provincial Microsoft Licensing Agreement.  The Microsoft Enterprise Desktop (E Desktop) Suite gives all participating ERAC members access to the latest versions of Office Professional, Windows operating systems and the ECAL Suite.  April 1, 2017 marks the...(More...)

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"Enjoyed learning where we have to go and what we need to do to get our technology to a place where it can more fully support learning and teaching"

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