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BC Digital Classroom Supports the New Curriculum

BC Digital Classroom Supports the New Curriculum

April 6, 2017

Curriculum Connections Provide Starting Points


This website provides over 100 examples of starting points connecting curriculum to the BC Digital Classroom (BCDC) collection resources. The starting points highlight the Big Idea, Learning Standards, lesson topic, and a seed activity idea. Each starting point is linked directly to the relevant website within the BCDC resource, allowing the teacher to spend less time browsing and searching. In addition, the team has created some starting points which highlight First Peoples Principles in Learning and Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives.

These starting points are just that – a place to support teachers as they explore the connection between these digital resources and the curriculum, and a way to spark the creation of new lesson connections using the BCDC collection.

F2F Professional Learning Events Provide Deeper Exploration of Resources


ERAC’s Professional Learning Team has provided in-district workshops and professional opportunities to district teams around the province, and supported teacher librarians, consultants, and helping teachers in planning for professional learning in their own districts.

At these F2F sessions the Team presents an overview of ERAC services and resources, and offers an in-depth exploration of the resources and tools within the BC Digital Classroom Collection.

The Professional Learning Team also highlights the K-12 Resource Collection where members can access full information on evaluated resources, such as novels, videos, and websites. Download the BCERAC app for Apple and Android to have quick mobile access to search the database.

These on-site sessions allow districts to maximize the value of their membership in ERAC and are actually enabling ERAC to expand support to other districts by sharing the exciting work being done across the province.

One example is Maple Ridge School District 42, where, through the hard work of Irene Gibeault and their team, the district has developed an online resources page:  It is well-organized for primary, intermediate, and secondary teachers to access ERAC, the BCDC Collection, and other licensed databases.  A value-added aspect of this site is the identification and annotation of magazines available through EBSCO resources. See example of intermediate magazines here.

Providing Online Professional Learning Supports


Because not every district or every ERAC member can attend a F2F session, the Team has created short video clips and PowerPoint templates that educators can use to further explore and customize presentations for your district or school.

The ERAC Beyond Databases – Presentation Format Slides includes an overview of the complete BCDC Collection and speaking points for the slides.   The PowerPoint templates have been separated into sections to focus on the attributes of specific resources such as World Book K-3, EBSCO 4-7, Gale 8-9, Global Issues in Context, and KnowBC. Watch for more updates to this page by September 2017.

District Contacts and PSA representatives – Please request and book your Professional Learning Team workshop by contacting Kevin Amboe.

ERAC’s approach is always to do the work once on behalf of the Consortium, and to share the results with everyone, saving time and effort.