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Creating New Ways to Share Your Districts Resources

Creating New Ways to Share Your Districts Resources

April 5, 2016


Looking for ways to help your teachers access their paid resources easily? Consider what Gordon Powell from SD38 has done. By creating a magazine cover page to feature PDF full-text magazines in EBSCO, Powell has made accessing EBSCO resources as easy as a click away. Icons were created for the different categories: Kids, Teens, General and Pro-D. By clicking on the icon, you visit the landing page which lists all the issues by year. Then just pick an issue, click on the article and read! Check it out here. We also list Powell’s resource set up in our sharing section of the BC Digital Classroom resource site.

If your district or school doesn’t have this type of set up, you may want to try our Access page on our new BC Digital Classroom site. By clicking the product icon’s, you should be able to IP authenticate and gain access to the resources you have licensed. However, if you have never accessed these before, you may find it overwhelming. But not to worry, that’s why we’ve put together your Professional Learning Team! They have a variety of presentations you can pick from and they can also provide you with your own training materials so you can continue to share with the rest of your peers as you explore your resources. Consider pre-booking these Pro-D days with ERAC and share your specific needs so we can properly support you. Book a session by contacting Kevin Amboe at directly. If you don’t jump on this opportunity, you may be one of those participants that said, “I wish we had this when I was doing a project last year!”. Don’t be that person, and take advantage of what our team can offer you! Our team is driven and focused and are often expanding their support services so check back on their page and you can also stay up to date by following their hashtag on Twitter at #erac247.

For a complete, easy to view, list of your resources, go to this BC Digital Classroom agreement page. You can also download this helpful BC Digital Classroom brochure and then print and share it!