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IT4K12 Keynote Speakers Sure to Inspire

IT4K12 Keynote Speakers Sure to Inspire

June 22, 2016


The next IT4K12 promises to be informative, engaging and experiential. We’re already receiving many presentations, sponsors are signing up and our keynote speakers have been secured. Below is a snapshot of our Keynote Speakers, Lee Watanabe Crockett and Nora Young. If you missed the article on Crockett, you can find his inspiring story here. Make sure to register for IT4K!2 on the super early bird rate and if you’d like to join us presenting, make sure to complete a presentation proposal. See you soon!


Lee has a curiosity about life and the shared human experience. This curiosity is infectious, as anyone who has heard Lee speak can tell you. Joyful curiosity is the foundation of his approach to creating vital learning and corporate environments for groups around the world. He is the creative force behind the Solution Fluency Activity Planner-a social network which has created a culture of collaboration as educators around the world share and source unit plans aligning to the structure of a modern learning environment as outlined in his writing.

nora young

Nora Young is an informed and ideal guide for anyone looking to examine—and plan for—the ever-changing high-tech landscape. She helps audiences understand trends in social media, big data, wearable tech and more while showing them how to better protect their privacy in our increasingly digital world. The host and creator of Spark on CBC Radio, and the author of The Virtual Self, she demystifies technology and explains how it is shaping our lives and the larger world in which we live.