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Connecting with Our Keynote Speaker: Amber Mac

Connecting with Our Keynote Speaker: Amber Mac

September 30, 2019
IT4K12 keynote

Amber Mac’s natural curiosity about people led her to a degree in broadcast journalism. We asked her how that curiosity led her to a career as a technology innovation specialist and in-demand speaker and facilitator.

Amber credits her mom, a computer teacher, for sparking her early interest in technology and being the ‘tech savvy’ person in their home. After her studies in journalism Amber headed to San Francisco and Boston during the dot-com boom to work with start-up ventures. Then on to Microsoft before starting her own digital agency in 2006, along with authoring books on social media, hosting pod-casts, and being an in-demand speaker.

She is an avid reader and considers it important to have a wide range of understanding of different disciplines to support her work. And she still enjoys adding side-notes into physical copies of books.

Amber shared some of her thoughts on the future of work, the role of girls and women in technology related fields, the need for carving out time to ‘be present’ in a digital world, and how to communicate in a ‘noisy’ world. A far-reaching conversation, full of insights and humour.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Amber to IT4K12. Be prepared to be engaged!