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Turn Your Professional Learning into a Transformation

Turn Your Professional Learning into a Transformation

June 2, 2016

Lee Crockett 3

Having trained over 20,000 teachers in more than a dozen countries, and with an innate ability to sense trends and technological changes, our IT4K12 Keynote Speaker, Lee Watanabe Crockett, will be sure to inspire, engage and potentially ignite transformation with our conference delegates

“There is an exciting transformation happening worldwide where technology has an incredible implication on learning,” explains Crockett. “To reinforce these new ways of thinking and learning, we must also transform our pedagogy.”

Crockett believes a shift in education is gaining momentum and is taking us away from teacher-centered learning to a more innovative learning environment that is learner-centered. Ultimately it’s about taking work that is project based, inquiry or self-directed and blending these together. This then moves the responsibility from the teacher, where it has always been in the past, to the learner where it should be.

“This shift can be challenging for educators as the majority of us have been in a classroom for the last 15 to 20 years and only know that model,” notes Crockett. “It’s a deep and personal transformation that teachers go through which requires a great amount of compassion and understanding.”

When it comes to technology, Crockett also sees trends taking place where there is a convergence or a combo of technology and most of these have to do with communication. As he points out, there have not been any ground shaking new technology in the last 3 to 5 years and what’s mostly happening is we’re becoming more capable but in complex ways. Technology offers us multiple connections through linking, sharing, 140 characters, texting and more but it remains inauthentic and many of us are no longer satisfied.

When asked about the role of technology in education today, Crockett explains, “Technology definitely has a place in education but it is not the focus. It’s not the processes of the hardware, but rather the heart-ware and head-ware processes that are important. It’s the critical thinking, the problem solving and not about using an iPad.”

The role of technology can be very inclusive to students by presenting an understanding of the curriculum in any way that speaks to them personally.  Technically the tool itself is irrelevant because it will always be changing. For instance, it’s not about teaching how to use PowerPoint but rather teaching how to communicate in different ways.

“Students are far more capable then we perhaps give them credit,” states Crockett. “If we want to create independent, fully functioning, life-long learners then we need to move away from compartmentalization so that students stop expecting the teacher to do the thinking for them.”

Crockett believes that as we move to self-directed learning we will begin to see students doing extraordinary things and admits that we can sometimes be the biggest limiting factor to the success of our students.

“Control in our classrooms is an illusion,” explains Crockett. “It’s time to break out of the illusion and try things differently.”

To hear Lee Watanabe Crockett live at IT4K12, make sure to register! You can also find out more about Crockett through his organization, Global Digital Citizen Foundation and also read his intriguing blogs on his personal page.

Crockett is very clearly driven to change the world at a classroom level, contributing to the greatness of all and doing what is best for our students and children. Let’s join him in making great things happen!