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Where is Technology Taking Us & Are You Ready?

Where is Technology Taking Us & Are You Ready?

September 12, 2016

Are you ready for an explosion of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence? Whether you are or not, it’s fast approaching, it will affect and impact all of us, and most likely we will not have the choice to opt out. How will this impact education? Nora Young, Keynote Speaker at IT4K12 plus CBC Host, Author and Journalist, provides some insight.

“Over the next two to five years, we’re going to see some key trends emerge,” explains Young. “On a micro level it will have an impact on the sphere of education and the broader context of the world students are headed into.” When it comes to students, privacy is always a concern and Young notes that it is definitely the number one issue across all industries where data is used and shared.

The potential with technology is great but the risks are also large. The impacts are real and can affect peoples’ lives and that’s why it’s important to understand the level of impact. Ultimately the potential value is in the creation of sustainable and smarter communities. Great empowerment comes with that, along with the roles we need to play.

“We need to position ourselves as leaders in the community and in our schools,” Young encourages. “It’s our job to prepare the next generation. The type of skills we are teaching our children will need to evolve to meet the new environment.”

That new environment includes AI (artificial intelligence) that will change the type of skills that will be needed and valued in future. Many task-specific jobs presently done by humans will no longer be necessary. That’s where the critical thinking skills will need to come into play to understand the technology and innovative uses.

“One of the most important roles in this transition will be the role of a teacher,” advises Young. “This is a technological revolution and we need people who are engaged to help in this new democratic arena and who have a collaborative approach.”

It’s an interesting and crucial lens to look through right now in understanding the digital world around us. Understanding how it works will help us moving forward and Nora Young promises to give a glimpse into this at the November 17-18 IT4K12 conference. Come find out for yourself and make sure to register!

Nora has also authored The Virtual Self which is about the growing phenomenon of ‘self-tracking’ and why we need a different approach to privacy. You can also listen to her CBC show “Spark” which is in its 10th year and explores technology, innovation and ideas. You can find out more in the Speakers’ Spotlight on Nora Young.