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Zoom Licensing for 2021/22 School Year

Current Zoom Licenses Expire June 30

To support K-12 education when the pandemic required schools to make an immediate shift to online learning last spring, the Ministry of Education funded Zoom licenses for all BC schools for one year. These licenses expire on June 30, 2021. If your school wishes to continue using Zoom in the next school year, new licenses must be purchased.

New Zoom Agreement for Focused ED Members

Focused ED has negotiated a new agreement with Zoom which will offer members the preferential annual rate of no more than $22.40 per license, rather than up to $120 per license if purchased directly from Zoom. Please note, to take part in this agreement, your school must join Focused ED as an Associate Member. While Focused ED negotiated Zoom licensing on behalf of all schools last year, this was done as an exception in the spirit of COVID emergency response. We are a member-based organization and our structure requires that any school accessing our agreements and other K-12 supports must be a member.

Benefits of Focused ED Membership

We provide a robust variety of benefits designed to support your school in efficiently and cost-effectively delivering excellence in K-12 education. As a member, your school will have access to:

– Preferential, value-driven agreements on vetted software solutions like Zoom and Microsoft 365, as well as a variety of supplies.

– K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection: teachers’ evaluations of more than 3,300 books, websites and other materials, all of which align with BC’s curriculum.

– BC Digital Classroom: a curated, copyrighted collection of digital resources equally adaptable to in-class, online or student-directed use.

– Webinars and other supports to ensure your school team gets the most out of your resources.

– Professional development and collaboration opportunities, such as our annual IT4K12 Conference.

Please click here for more information on Becoming An Associate Member. To be included in Focused ED’s Zoom agreement for the 2021/22 year, your school will need to become an Associate Member by July 1, 2021.

If you have any questions about the Zoom agreement, please contact