Made the Grade - January 2017 Newly Evaluated Resources
Classroom Novels You Love? Get Them Evaluated and Grow ERAC’s Collection

Enjoy these newly evaluated resources for you to add to your collection! Your ERAC Online Resource Collection has a multitude of resources for your reference and use and the titles below have most recently been evaluated.  Click on the titles to go to the evaluation and make sure to sign in...(More...)

Do you have that favourite novel you love to use with your class? We’d like to keep our online collection up to date and we could use your help. We’re reaching out to our members to ask you to recommend any recent classroom novels that are suitable for LGBTQ, French Immersion, Aboriginal...(More...)

Getting Students Engaged is as Easy as 1..2..3D
ArcGIS Available to ERAC Members at No Charge

  3D printing has come a long way. We can make model replicas of almost anything including prosthetic limbs and now with the use of hydrogels mixed with living cells, even human organs for transplant. Your students won’t have to go that far though to get engaged in a 3D project Chris...(More...)

If you’re looking for a complimentary geography based resource, then ArcGIS is a great option and available to ERAC members at no charge for educational purposes (only). ERAC has signed a license agreement with the Environmental Systems Research Institute (esri Canada) for the use of this...(More...)

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"ERAC has contributed to the efficiencies of the school districts by grouping our buying power into one large consortium."

Larry Paul
Secretary-Treasurer - Central Okanagan
School District #23